Colour Flashcards including:


red, blue, yellow, white, green, orange, pink, purple, black, brown, grey


These flashcards are the perfect introduction to colours in Spanish. Use them as a wall display in your nursery or classroom.


Suggested games:


🌟What colour is it? - get children to repeat the colour after you

🌟Splat - first one to touch the right colour

🌟What can you see? - a great way to stimulate children’s imaginations

🌟What’s missing? - hide a card behind your back

🌟Stepping Stones - jump to and say all the colours to get to the other side of the river

🌟Who is wearing? - lots of interacting with children as they tell you what colour they are wearing

🌟Stand up if you are wearing? - children have to stand up if they are wearing the colour

🌟Likes and Dislikes - discuss colours you like and dislike

🌟Touch a colour - show a colour and children have to go and touch the colour in the room



If you are not a Spanish speaker there is a simple easy to follow pronunciation underneath the Spanish word. Read this word as you would in English putting stress on the letters in capitals i.e. say this part of the word louder than the other syllables.


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