Learning Spanish is fun!

come and join us!  

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What we do

We are LuluMaria Fun Spanish and we provide informal, play-based, interactive fun Spanish Classes for children in various private settings in Glasgow. Children are introduced to Spanish language and culture through lively games, songs, drama, creative play and story-telling

Did you know that exposing your child to an additional language will enhance their overall mental development? The benefits are endless!  


children pick up a second language easily, 

effortlessly and at an impressive rate!


Come and join in the fun!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Not only will your child be able to communicate with a lot more people in the world, research shows that exposing your child to a second language will enhance their emotional, linguistic, educational, cognitive and social skills.



here are only some of the benefits your child will gain:

•    Expands the imagination

•    Builds confidence, self-esteem and social skills

•    Enhances the ability to multi-task

•    Boosts native tongue acquisition

•    Enhances attention span and memory skills 

•    Sharpens thinking

•    Better at problem solving

•    Learn a life skill through play

•    Preparation for compulsory language learning in school

•    Enhances future career opportunities

•    Broadens their world view and cultural understanding

•    Helps prevent age-related cognitive decline


3 - 5 years 

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5 - 8 years 

p4 + 

8 - 12 years 


Do you want to give your children the opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and creative way? 

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