About the classes

This is the fun way to learn Spanish!


In class children are introduced to the Spanish language and Spanish

and Latin American Culture in a fun and exciting way! 

children go at their own pace - there is no pressure! 

I teach structured lessons that are action-packed, interactive and educational. I have my own little 'fruit family' puppets that i use as a teaching tool and have a lot of colourful flash cards and other fun props to keep children engaged and stimulated throughout the lessons. New topics are introduced each term and old topics are revisited as much as possible. ​repetition is the key to language learning so I try as much as I can to keep up with previously learned vocabulary and phrases! 

I am truly inspired  by children’s ability to absorb a language when it is taught in a fun, informal way. They have no inhibitions, they mimic sounds and adopt pronunciation easily and absorb the language effortlessly. they truly are little sponges.


When a child's imagination is stimulated through creative play, story-telling and fun games, they thrive in class and grow in confidence. All children have a natural ability for language learning.

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