¡Hola! I am Maria!

Thanks for visiting my page and showing an interest in my business! Here is a little info about me!

My passion for Spain and the Spanish language started at a young age.

As a four year old I moved to a little fishing village in the South of Spain and started my education in a local Spanish School.  My friends were Spanish and my childminders were a local Spanish family who spoke very little English. School life was tough in the beginning,  I was taunted in the playground for being ‘tonta’(stupid), however,  within three months of living in Spain I was chatting away effortlessly in Spanish, playing with the locals and getting on with my school work – I was as fluent as a native child of the same age.

When we moved back to Scotland, I needed extra help with my English. My mum, much to my resistance, insisted I keep up my Spanish! I am now thankful for her perseverance. 

On returning from Spain I became my mum’s ‘helper’ within her Spanish Clubs which she ran for children - her passion arising out of how easily and rapidly I picked up a foreign language. The classes were so much fun. I loved watching how the children picked up Spanish when it was taught in such a joyful way with lots of fun props, catchy songs, silly dances, creative games and storytelling.

After finishing my degree in textiles at Duncan of Jordanstone Art School in Dundee I moved back to Glasgow and made a decision to set up my own Spanish Clubs for children as well as pursue my textile dreams. I immersed myself in resources for teaching foreign languages to children. I studied lesson plans and proven methodology for teaching a second language to little ones. I even came up with many of my own ideas for teaching.

One exciting new idea  is the creation of ‘The Fruit Family’ from Spain - these are little fruit puppet characters each with their own individual personality and are used as teaching tools in all the classes. I hired an illustrator who perfectly captured what was in my imagination and this led to writing and publishing a bi-lingual Spanish/English children’s picture book introducing these delightful and funny characters. I can say with hand on my heart that these characters are the one thing that fully captures the imagination of all the children. They are fascinated by them and the best thing about them is THEY ONLY SPEAK IN SPANISH! 

I love what I do and I am inspired every day as I watch children learn and progress.


I speak in Spanish as much as i can in class and enjoy sharing my own experiences of language learning with them and all things about my life which I think they find interesting! 

Muchas gracias.


"My little Boy absolutely loves it. Now he’s at school, a Wednesday night is his favourite time. He now does his maths homework in both Spanish and English.

It’s amazing to see how well he can speak and understand Spanish in such a short space of time, he now wants to learn other languages too. Couldn’t recommend LuluMaria Fun Spanish enough"

-- Kelly Louise

"Great introduction for children to learn a second language, my 6yr old loves it"

-- Pops Morrison 

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