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These colourful and fun flashcards are the perfect way to introduce your child to 'The Fruits' in Spanish. 


The set includes 12 fruits:

apple, banana, orange, lemon, pineapple, strawberry, peach, plumb, grapes, watermelon, pear, cherries



 Print and laminate them or print on card. 


Suggested games: 

🌟Print 2 x sets and play pairs.
🌟Put all cards out saying each fruit and then take one away, your child has to guess which one is missing.
🌟Go over all the fruits and then hide one behind your back. Children have to guess which one you have. 
🌟Print and cut off the bottom part with the word on it and then play a game matching the word to the picture. 
🌟Put a card above your head, you dont know what it is - your child gives you clues (colour, shape, if they like or don’t like it ) Spanish depending on the level or in English. You have to try to guess the fruit they are describing. You can also do role-reversal.
🌟 Play ‘En la frutería’. Put out all the cards pretending that this is a shop. Decide who is the shopkeeper and who is the shopper. Practice asking for the fruit you want. Depending on the level you can also practice greetings and saying thank you.



If you are not a Spanish speaker there is an easy to follow pronunciation guide underneath the Spanish word. Read this word as you would in English putting stress on the letters in capitals i.e. say this part of the word louder than the other syllables.

Print outs are available with or without the words. 

Terms of Use

Reselling or copying this work is not permitted. All rights reserved by Lulu Maria Fun Spanish. This grants permission for single use at home, nursery or in the classroom only. If you intend to share with others please direct them to our website and if sharing on a social media platform please tag Lulu Maria Fun Spanish as the creator.

Please download this PDF file within 30 days to recieve your flashcards.

The Fruits - La Fruta - Flashcards

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