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These colourful and fun flashcards are the perfect way to introduce children  to vocabulary related to Christmas in Spanish.


The set includes 36 flashcards related to the Christmas Topic:


Santa, sleigh, elf, Christmas tree, bells, Christmas jumper, presents, Christmas wreath, Christmas baubles, candle, angel, Christmas lights, Rudolph, Christmas pudding, snowman, mince pie, tinsel, turkey, holly, star, the nativity, the 3 wise kings, decorations, Christmas card, carol singing, snow flake, Christmas eve, advent calendar, nougat, roscón de reyes , miseltoe, Christmas stocking, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, the baby Jesus, camel

Ideas for use:
Print and laminate them or print on card.

Suggested games:

🌟Print 2 x sets and play pairs.

🌟Put all cards out and get children to repeat the word then close eyes, take one away, the children (or you) have to guess which one is missing.

🌟Go over all the vocabulary and then hide one behind your back. Children have to guess which one you have.

🌟Print and cut off the bottom part with the word on it and then play a game matching the word to the picture.

🌟Put a card above your head, you don't know what it is - children give you clues by acting or by doing actions or making noises. You have to try guess which one they are acting out. You can also do role-reversal.


Christmas - Navidad - Flashcards

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