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The Colours - Los Colores

This colourful and fun image which can be printed as an A1, A3 or A4 download is the perfect way to introduce your child to 'The Colours' in Spanish. It can be used as a visual aid within a nursery, classroom or at home.


Pronunciation Guide:


Read the words as you would read them in English putting stress on the letters in capitals i.e. say this part of the word louder than the other syllables.


rojo - ROH-ho

azul - ah-THOOL

amarillo - ah-mah-REE-yoh

blanco - BLANG-koh

verde - BEHR-deh

naranja- nah-RANG-hah

rosa - ROH-sah

morado - moh-RAH-doh

negro - NEH-groh

marrón - mah-RRON

Terms of Use

Reselling or copying this work is not permitted. All rights reserved by Lulu Maria Fun Spanish. This grants permission for single use at home, nursery or in the classroom only.


Please download this PDF file within 30 days to recieve your flashcards. 

The Colours - Los Colores - Poster

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