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Flashcards:- Likes and Dislikes.


These A4 downloadable flashcards are  perfect for use in a classroom environment, for small group learning or for use at home. You can use them in a variety of ways to initiate a conversation about your likes and dislikes in Spanish.


You can use them with any topic:









jungle animals

farm animals


Suggested Games or Uses:


Place the 4 flashcards on the floor whilst children sit in a circle. In the middle of the circle place another set of cards ready or a bag of specific props like jungle animals/fruits.

When a child picks a flashcard/prop they have to say in spanish if they like it, do not like it, love it or hate it.


Put the cards up in the 4 corners of the room. Pick a topic to work on, for example, foods. Put on some spanish music. When the music stops show the children a food, for example, bread, the children have to run to the card that corresponds with their preference. You can then see what the most common preference is and these children shout out, ‘Me encanta el pan’. 


Variation of 4 corners game:


Show a flashcard first, for example, a dog. The children have to guess what the teachers preference will be. When the music stops they have to run to what they think is right. When you say, ‘Detesto los perros’, whoever is at that corner gets a point. At the end the child with most points gets a sticker.


You could also play Three in a Row or Bingo with any topic and children have to add the ‘me gusta’ or ‘no me gusta’ in front of it. For example if you were playing 3 in a row with vegetables the child has to say whether they like/dislike/love/hate the vegetable they are choosing within the game.


You could have a wall display in your classroom or nursery or after school club. Children could find pictures of things and you can pin them up next to the appropriate phrase.


Terms of Use

Reselling or copying this work is not permitted. All rights reserved by Lulu Maria Fun Spanish. This grants permission for single use at home, nursery or in the classroom only. If you intend to share with others please direct them to our website and if sharing on a social media platform please tag Lulu Maria Fun Spanish as the creator.

Please download this PDF file within 30 days to recieve your flashcards.


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